I have lost a total of 15 pounds of body fat. I have decreased 2″ waist-line.

Every morning upon rising, a tablespoon with warm filtered water, squeeze of lemon, and honey. Drink first thing in the morning, for digestion and liver health.756de-udo2boil2bsalad2bdressing2b001

 Removed a skin tag. (fell off)
I Like To Rinse My Hair After Shampoo, It Makes My Hair Shine.
I Take It For Heartburn.
One Tablespoon Per Day For Belly Fat +Weight-loss.tape-403590_640
It Helps To Lower My Blood Sugars, Helping Me Eat Fewer Calories.
 I Make Salad Dressings With Fresh Lemon, Olive Oil and Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother)
I Don’t Often Get Acne But When I Do I Just Dab A Cotton Ball Because The PH Balances The Bad Bacteria I May Have On My Skin.
For My Sinus Infections It Reduces Sinus Congestion And Allergies. I Also Like To Soak A Facecloth And Heat It Up In The Microwave And Apply To The Sinus Area To Give Me Relief From The Pain And Inflammation. Candida- Yeast Infections. If You Suffer From Fatigue, Poor Memory and Sugar Cravings You Probably Have A Yeast Overgrowth. Suffer From Sunburn- Put In Your Bath. Warts- Soak A Cotton ball And Cover With A Band aid Overnight, You May Have To Repeat Until It Falls Off.
So, As You Can Read All My OWN Experiences, These Are My OWN Opinions And I Always Have A Bottle On Hand. Once Opened I Keep It In The Refrigerator. I Have No Way Been Compensated For This Review. Knowledge Is Power! Available In Health Food Stores. If you do not like the taste it is available in capsule form. I will continue to consume for its many Health benefits.



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