BELL Bladder Control Tea For Women

BELL BLADDER CONTROL TEA FOR WOMEN…. Frequent Bathroom Trips? A Special herbal tea to help with incontinence. When I started drinking this beautiful tasting loose tea I have fewer trips to the washroom. Whenever I would go out I had to plan to be near a washroom, oh brother what a pain in the a** that is. @BellLifestyles has many products I have taken over the years and they never disappoint me. This is a Brand I Trust. The tea taste great hot or cold. I don’t boil over the tea, I simmer it in a pot for a few minutes and then pour. This is also a Special herbal tea to control inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract. To prevent urinary recurrent urinary infections (UTIs) in women. There is No Caffeine in this Tea Blend. Check out Bell for many of their products you can trust. #BellLifestyleProducts #BellBladderControlTeaForWomen


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