FLORA Respir*Essence

Every year, I suffer with a respiratory health issue. A while back I received as a perk from +florahealthy, a bottle of Respir*Essence. This was the first time taking this remedy.  Right away, I started to have relief from my cold, cough and asthma.

  • Thyme > boosting the immune system
  • licorice root > expectorant
  • cowslip > remedy for coughs
  • plantain > respiratory system disorders
  • elecampane > bronchitis/bronchial asthma
  • stinging nettle > to treat colds and asthma

I shook the bottle first, took 2 tablespoons 2-3 times a day.  I like the taste. I put the bottle in the fridge. It should be consumed within 4 weeks. As all herbal medicines, caution for allergies to certain herbs should be taken. I did not want this to turn into bronchitis. Even though there has been improvement, I will continue to consume until I finish the bottle. So, if you have respiratory health issues like help to relieve chest complaints, including catarrhs, coughs, bronchial irritations and bronchitis due to excessive phlegm.  I highly recommend this +florahealthy Respir*Essence.

 This is a perk I received and the opinions are my own.

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