Flora Respir*Essence

Ever have that stuffy congested nasal, can’t breathe feeling. Post-nasal drip….yucky. It starts with a head cold and eventually travels down to my lungs. Oh No! here we go again, year after year. I have tried many Natural Health Products, but when I stumbled upon Flora’s Respir*Essence I was excited to try this (new to me product). Who will get excited to try a product when they are sick right? Only me! I shook the bottle well, starting with 2 tablespoons 2-3 times per day. I keep it in the fridge until I consume within 4 weeks.  It started to work immediately. I mean the getting rid  of phlegm. It has been a few weeks now and I feel much better.  If you are looking for an all Natural Respiratory Relief, I highly recommend this product from Flora Canada. I received this product for free as part of a Flora Product Review. The opinions are my own.#RespirEssence #FloraCanada




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