Rhoziva Rhodiola Rosea *My Testimonial

Rhoziva is a great fit for me. I have been taking it everyday for 7 months. I won’t miss a day. Thank you so much for this winning giveaway!

This is my story: I have suffered from mood disorders and depression most of my adult life. Prescription medication is not a good fit for me. When I landed my Career in Natural Health in the late 90’s I started my Nutritional Journey. However, my body was so toxic from recurring stress and more free radicals, it would take years to recover. Then mishaps began in 2009. Unfortunate losses, trauma and an injury from a fall numbed my mental state and I was back into depression. No longer able to work in the Health Industry,(I am so passionate about)  forced into retirement, I discovered my passion for writing. I soon realized I could start a Blog to write and share some of my  years as an R.N.P.A. & Natural Health Supplement experiences. Promote the Brands I would purchase  myself and share on social media. Soon enough, the free swag arrived my way. The opinions expressed are  always my own. My Blog and followers have grown since 7 months ago before Rhoziva. I am able to focus and enjoy writing and sharing my experiences with Brands. I am very calm Rhoziva.

Rhoziva is a formula including ingredients: Rhodiola rosea, Vitamin E, D3,B5,B6,B12,Zinc,Magnesium Glycinate and Folic Acid. Gluten-free, Vegetarian capsules.

Then you arrived Rhoziva. I noticed right away a feeling I had not felt in a very long time. Happiness…. I feel happy! Sometimes you just have to find the right supplement for you! I was searching for BALANCE. My mental clarity is sharp! Kidding aside (I’ve been told I can be witty from time to time). My interest in Rhoziva was, how is this  going to work to increase my serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine “good feeling”. I use to be a night owl.  I get up early every morning, one day at a time.  I do not feel moody. I do not feel irritable. I feel BALANCED. So, if you are reading this…. its working for me. Thank you http://nantonnutraceuticals.ca  Rhoziva for this 100% Canadian Adaptogen Natural Herbal http://rhoziva.com


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