Immediately I started taking one easy to swallow capsule of Renew Life DIGEST MORE(regular strength) the first bite with every meal. I was always bloated, tired, heartburn,constipation and full at the beginning of a meal. If this is you? then you need Renew Life DIGEST MORE (regular strength) Why? The Digestive Enzymes are plant based and most people like myself need to help repair damage done to the intestinal lining. I needed enzymes to break down protein, difficulty breaking down large meals and gas or bloating after combining carbs and protein. Lactase, I lack the lactase enzymes, so I need break down lactose found in dairy. Lipase, breaks down fat. L-Glutamine, I am a fan of this amino acid that fights against inflammation and bad bacteria gut flora. Can’t lose weight? Increased my protein metabolism repairing gut health issues like leaky gut absorbing minerals. Anti-inflammatory like Bromelain, soothing Marshmallow Root. Cellulase to break down fibre. I no longer have bloating and gas after meals. To check out more of the ingredients go to #DIGEST MORE 1-800-485-0960 for any questions? I am pleased to enjoy food again without the issues I was having every time I ate. Thank you Renew Life Canada for trying your product for free. The opinions are of my own results. I will be recommending this product to my family and friends. I will purchase this product to aid in my digestion, reduce allergies,food sensitivities and maintain a healthy gut.


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