NEW POST: Philosophy SkinCare

I have the pleasure of receiving a fantastic giveaway from The beautiful Philosophy SkinCare Set……

I don’t treat myself to high quality skincare products like Can I say WOW.  I love all the inspirational poetry  by Gabrielle Bernstein- Motivational Speaker My first experience with this high end skincare routine improved the look of my skin. Here is the results:

philosophy-blog-pics-007I started with Purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser. It only takes a small amount with water to massage morning and evening. This is the foundation to clean skin to continue on to the next step of your facial beauty routine. My skin feels soft and clean.

philosophy-blog-pics-008the microdelivery exfoliating facial wash I used once a week. It is gentle enough to use daily, I applied a small amount on my mature moistened face. With the circulation movement  cleaning deep down into the pores. My skin pores  look less visible.

philosophy-blog-pics-004Step1: the microdelivery peel, thick & gritty (smells amazing) I really love the results after using a small amount with water and gently massage. You can see the glow starting as I massage all over face and neck. Rinse off completely and I can see the difference right away.

philosophy-blog-pics-003 Step 2: the microdelivery peel, a clear texture gently removing dead skin and dullness. OMG I have rosey cheeks. I’m glowing, this is exactly what I was looking for in the appearance of my face. I love it! cleanse-peel-treat  Be careful don’t get it in your eyes. Caution is suggested when out in the sun.

philosophy-blog-pics-005renewed hope in a jar- A light soft silky smooth antioxidant, a little goes a long way on face and neck. As I am applying this creamy texture I’m fighting free radical damage. What a moisture boost all day moisturizer. Cleanse, tone, rejuvenate and moisture. I love it! Just in a few days less  sagging under my eyes.

philosophy-blog-pics-006renewed hope in a jar overnight moisturizer- This whipped oil-free formula tighten my skin. In the morning, I noticed my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I highly recommend this anti-aging formula.

I did not find these products to have a high scent to trigger my sensitivity to fragrant skincare. I did not use my fingers to apply any of these products to avoid bacteria contamination. I find in order to see results, you have to follow the skincare routine above.

The opinions are of my own. I am forever grateful to have received this giveaway! Many thanks to Dave Lackie- Beauty – Cityline beauty expert & editor of BEAUTY the guide magazine.




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