CanPrev Synergy C With Sea Buckthorn

UPDATE: I have not had any colds or flu since taking CanPrev Synergy C With Sea Buckthorn.

CanPrev Synergy C with Sea Buckthorn is my option adding alkalizing supplements, natural ability to balance pH levels. I had several  recurring colds before taking the Product CanPrev Synergy C With Sea Buckthorn.

Buckthorn is a Professional-grade Vitamin C Complex. This combination of ingredients is a premium quality Vitamin C formula to ensure maximum absorbability taken 2x daily. I like the buffered mineral delivery (magnesium,calcium,sodium,potassium) avoiding indigestion and protecting the kidneys. pH balance has benefits: It is important to promote proper electrolytes and efficient heart function. Normal blood sugar levels. Healthy circulatory system. Promoting bone health, digestion and immunity.synergy-c-003

  • Vitamin C
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids
  • Sea Buckthorn extract
  • Rutin
  • Zinc

The antioxidants rich bioflavonoids from Rutin, citrus fruits and Sea Buckthorn pulp is between 5 & 100 times the Vitamin C than any other fruit and vegetable. This is amazing for the prevention of cold & flu, trauma recovery and healing. Adding zinc to strengthen the immunity. Fighting free radicals in the body to help produce collagen keeping the skin firm and prevent wrinkles.

I would like to thank for such a great product.  I like that this product is Made in Canada. I saw results immediately. I like Canprev Synergy C with Sea Buckthorn is: Vegan>Soy-free>Dairy>free and Non-GMO. As always consult a Health Practitioner before taking if you are on medications, pregnant and breastfeeding. The opinions are of my own. This product I received (free) I won in a Contest. I will be purchasing this product and recommending.


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