Flor-Essence Herbal Cleanse

Flora Canada is the leading manufacturer Company with trusted product Flor-Essence.

flor-essence-social-natural-trynatural-001It is 1/2 hour before breakfast. I am sipping slowly with equal parts hot filtered water 3 tablespoons of Flor-Essence herbal formula. I notice right away how pleasant tasting the 8-herbal certified organic cleanse warms my belly. The detoxification process will take place 3 times daily, breakfast, lunch and on an empty stomach before bedtime. Shaking the bottle well before each use. Refrigerate after opening to ensure no fermentation. Consume within 3 weeks after opening.The Flor-Essence is showing proven weight loss in just a few days. The “Great 8” herbs  in Flor-Essence to detoxify your  whole body.

  • Burdock Root – improved liver function
  • Sheep Sorrel -diuretic and cleanse the bowels.
  • Slippery Elm Bark -removing matter from the respiratory tract
  • Blessed Thistle -improved digestion
  • Watercress -diuretic, contains Vitamins A.B6,C,iron,copper,calcium manganese
  • Red Clover -cleanses the blood
  • Turkish Rhubarb Root -detoxification to digestive system,colon, liver and blood.
  • Kelp -mineral-rich seaweed and contains more than a dozen mineralsflor-essence-social-natural-trynatural-002

With all the fantastic ingredients in the herbal formula Flor-Essence it is not to my surprise that I have experienced improved digestion, skin, bowels,respiratory, more energy and less allergy triggers. The product Flor-Essence is my seasonal cleanse moving forward.

Ever notice how your vehicle runs smooth after an oil change? I compare removing toxic waste from your organs guaranteed to function better. Environmental toxins will take a toll on your organs if you do not eliminate and detoxify. I highly recommend Flor-Essence for it is safe and effective. Non-GMO, no artificial colours,no preservatives, no caffeine, no alcohol.

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